Submitting Fliers
In order for a flier to be posted here, it must:

  • Originate from a non-profit agency or group
  • Advertise events of interest to students
  • Take place in one of our communities or an adjoining village

  • All fliers must be submitted to the Office of the Superintendent for review and approval. For more information on posting a flier on the District 106 Backpack site, please contact Kathy Schmitt, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, at (708) 485-3176 or by email.
    Backpack Fliers

    School and Community Backpack Fliers

    Welcome to Backpack-Fliers, the central posting place for all District 106 approved community and school fliers. Over the past year, District 106 has moved to electronic distribution of fliers from community groups. District 106 supports the reduction in paper use as well as the decreased volume of mail that our students carry in their backpacks.

    This page brings all approved fliers into one place for easy browsing and downloading. If you are logged on, you can subscribe to receive an email any time a new flier is added. You can do so by going to Your Account and subscribing to Backpack Fliers under the Subscriptions block.

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      Indian Guides - Prairie Trail Federation   
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