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    American Museum of Natural History’s OLogy 
    Description: Designed specifically with kids in mind, this section of the American Museum of Natural History’s website offers children a chance to explore everything from Archeology to Climate Change to Biodiversity. Interactive, fun and educational, this site is a great way to tie the thrill of the Night at the Museum movies into a learning experience.
    Added on: Mar 16, 2017,  Hits: 576

    Description: Looking for a great site to get kids interested in all things related to chemistry? Look no further! This website explains chemistry in language that kids can understand. Learn more about everything from atoms to biochemistry to matter as you meander around this interactive and informative site.
    Added on: Mar 16, 2017,  Hits: 426

    Extreme Science 
    Description: This site is filled with cool information about animals, space, the earth and oceans. Choose from the top menu bar and learn all kinds of amazing new things!
    Added on: Mar 15, 2016,  Hits: 594

    Museum of Science and Industry Online Science 
    Description: This site is packed with fun games and cool videos to help you learn more about many Science topics!
    Added on: Oct 22, 2015,  Hits: 945

    PBS Kids - Balance the Scale 
    Description: Can you balance the scale to get to the control tower?
    Added on: Mar 11, 2016,  Hits: 1114

    PBS Kids -Pendulum Swing 
    Description: Explore this virtual pendulum and make it swing.
    Added on: Oct 29, 2015,  Hits: 858

    STEM at home 
    Description: Great STEM activities to do at home.
    Added on: Dec 9, 2015,  Hits: 999

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