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Digital Passport 
Description: Using school logins fourth graders can learn about internet safety and etiquette.
Added on: May 13, 2013,  Hits: 974

Famous Illinoisians  Popular
Description: Figures in Illinois History
Added on: Oct 11, 2002,  Hits: 2104

National Geographic Kids- Sea Monsters 
Description: This is an interactive timeline and virtual dig covering the prehistoric stages of evolution in the ocean.
Added on: Sep 22, 2008,  Hits: 1447

The art of the Moundbuilders -- Traders and Travelers  Popular
Description: The artistry of the moundbuilders, perhaps reaching a zenith in 1000-1500 A.D., is especially apparent in luxury goods for the wealthy, many of which they took to the grave.
Added on: Oct 11, 2002,  Hits: 1615

The Mississippian Culture  Popular
Description: The moundbuilders—among the first intensive farmers of the continent’s eastern woodlands—thrived because of what they called the Three Sisters–corn, beans, and squash. The population exploded between 800 and 1400 AD; towns and cities crowded the Mississippi and its tributaries. With survival’s burden lightened, arts and crafts blossomed. Interaction among communities became more formal and complex. Political systems and alliances arose, along with elaborate customs and religious rites. The social structure was that of the chiefdom; allied communities were governed by an elite whose positions were inherited or earned by outstanding accomplishments.
Added on: Oct 11, 2002,  Hits: 1578

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