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    The First Thanksgiving 
    Description: This is a great site from Scholastic! Take a virtual field trip to Plimoth Plantation (the museum spells their name differently than the original colony) or check out the Mayflower.
    Added on: Dec 1, 2010,  Hits: 707

    President for a Day 
    Description: Would you like to be the president for a day? This site is a fun way to learn more about presidents and their daily lives.
    Added on: Feb 1, 2012,  Hits: 710

    Presidents by Enchanted Learning 
    Description: Find out more about your favorite Presidents on this site.
    Added on: Feb 22, 2012,  Hits: 742

    Landform Webquest 
    Description: Links to a variety of websites that have great information about landforms.
    Added on: Jan 15, 2016,  Hits: 866

    Scott Foresman Social Studies 
    Description: This is the companion site to our new Social Studies series. Check out some very important people, current events and an interactive atlas.
    Added on: Oct 7, 2009,  Hits: 896

    White House for Kids! 
    Description: This site offers great information about the White House and is totally kid friendly. Check out the historical traditions or perhaps enjoy a peek into the lives of the President's pets!!
    Added on: Nov 12, 2008,  Hits: 911

    The Arctic and Arctic Animals 
    Description: More about the Arctic and Arctic Animals.
    Added on: Jan 11, 2010,  Hits: 977

    Field Museum of Natural History 
    Description: The Field Museum was incorporated in the State of Illinois on September 16, 1893 as the Columbian Museum of Chicago with its purpose the "accumulation and dissemination of knowledge, and the preservation and exhibition of objects illustrating art, archaeology, science and history." In 1905, the Museum's name was changed to Field Museum of Natural History to honor the Museum's first major benefactor, Marshall Field, and to better reflect its focus on the natural sciences. In 1921 the Museum moved from its original location in Jackson Park to its present site on Chicago Park District property near downtown where it is part of a lakefront Museum Campus that includes the John G. Shedd Aquarium and the Adler Planetarium. These three institutions are regarded as among the finest of their kind in the world and together attract more visits annually than any comparable site in Chicago.
    Added on: Oct 11, 2002,  Hits: 1282

    Brookfield Zoo 
    Description: Over 200 wild acres!! Open Every Day of the year!
    Added on: Oct 11, 2002,  Hits: 1443

    H.I.P. Pocket Change Web Site Games 
    Description: H.I.P. Pocket Change is a website from the U.S. Mint and has a variety of games for children of many ages! Some are better (more educational) than others and some are much harder than others --- so check a few out and see what is right for you and your family!
    Added on: Nov 12, 2008,  Hits: 1480

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