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    White House for Kids! 
    Description: This site offers great information about the White House and is totally kid friendly. Check out the historical traditions or perhaps enjoy a peek into the lives of the President's pets!!
    Added on: Nov 12, 2008,  Hits: 911

    The First Thanksgiving 
    Description: This is a great site from Scholastic! Take a virtual field trip to Plimoth Plantation (the museum spells their name differently than the original colony) or check out the Mayflower.
    Added on: Dec 1, 2010,  Hits: 707

    The Arctic and Arctic Animals 
    Description: More about the Arctic and Arctic Animals.
    Added on: Jan 11, 2010,  Hits: 977

    Scott Foresman Social Studies 
    Description: This is the companion site to our new Social Studies series. Check out some very important people, current events and an interactive atlas.
    Added on: Oct 7, 2009,  Hits: 896

    Presidents by Enchanted Learning 
    Description: Find out more about your favorite Presidents on this site.
    Added on: Feb 22, 2012,  Hits: 742

    President for a Day 
    Description: Would you like to be the president for a day? This site is a fun way to learn more about presidents and their daily lives.
    Added on: Feb 1, 2012,  Hits: 710

    Little Explorers  Popular
    Description: A picture dictionary created by Enchanted Learning.
    Added on: Nov 12, 2005,  Hits: 2142

    Landform Webquest 
    Description: Links to a variety of websites that have great information about landforms.
    Added on: Jan 15, 2016,  Hits: 866

    Landform Glossary  Popular
    Description: A colorful glossary of landforms and bodies of water.
    Added on: Nov 12, 2005,  Hits: 2979

    Harcourt Social Studies Center  Popular
    Description: Interactive activities related to the social studies curriculum.
    Added on: Nov 14, 2005,  Hits: 3493

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